Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Posting & Packaging

Hello all! :)

I have just passed a pleasant morning, happily writing away thank you notes and packaging my orders. Ohh it's all so exciting!

A couple of weeks ago I bought some twine from swannandsmerlin and I've ben using it in the packaging of my items.

Not only that, but have also included it in some cards, for example

Now, buying the twine, really got me thinking about my own packaging. Not only because of the twine itself, but because of the very lovely packaging I received the twine in. Unfortunately I did not take any photos to share with you, but it was the sort of package that makes you feel happy and special.

On me, that package had a very different effect. It sent me into panic mode! Oh no!! I had not even thought about the packaging stage yet. Wrapping? Address stickers? Shall I go for recycled envelopes? Business cards!! Groan!

I realised I had not only bought some twine, but also a lesson in making people happy just by packaging the items in a special way. And when I say "just", I am using the term in a very loose way. Cause there was nothing "just" about the packaging! It was pretty and well thought out and later, when I had calmed down a bit, I got the warm fuzzy feeling of a good buy. So here's a huge thanks to Odette! Keep up the great work!

Now off to start packing for tomorrow :)

Good evening to all!
Patz ◦

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  1. yay, i just found this post today Patz, and i am soooooo thrilled! really, you made me so happy i had to call my husband to read your post immediately. ^-^

    many, many thanks, you have no idea how inspiring it is for me to read something like this. i wish you a lot of success in your shop! xo