Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Playing around

It's Tuesday! I have 2 days left before I leave for a long weekend in London to meet my friends, and before doing that, I have to finish all my pending projects! Orders to fullfil and dispatch, new cards to design and 2 special cards for the friends I'm meeting, both of whom have their birthday at this time of the year.

Apart from throwing away my husband's best (and new) jeans, by mistake (he didn't kill me yet, but he might be planning something cruel...) this week has been going very well. I sold a few Christmas cards and I've been crochetting some snowflakes to put on some of the cards. They look lovely on the card and can also be hung up as an ornament. And what's more...I enjoy making them soo much!

Patterns for these are on Crochet Pattern Central.

I've also been playing around with wire... and came up with this sort of Christmas tree like thing, but unfortunately I did not like it enough for it to make it into any of my cards, for now...

And here is a pic of part of my worktop. I'm not sending a pic of the whole working area, cause it might send some people into shock ;-)

Enough for now! I have to get myself back to the table above and continue working ;-)
Wish you all a happy Tuesday! ◦


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