The people in my blog (and in my life!)

M. is my husband, who’s always very, very patient and very supportive of me, my dreams, my experiments and my projects. He encouraged me to start the chef's course and is excited for me with every new step I take. I am very grateful to have him in my life.

C. is my aunt, with whom my husband and I are living at the moment, until we fix our apartment (or sell it and buy something new… not quite decided yet :p). She is also a very patient woman! We have arrived, disrupting her quiet life, taking over her kitchen (which was not used very much since my Granddad sadly passed away a few years ago) and generally untidying her home. Another person to be very grateful for.

C.S. is my friend. Outspoken, caring, and also very patient (yes, you do need to be patient to be in my life! :p). Since I refuse to drive, C.S. is the one who takes me on errands when M. is busy, listens to my mad ravings and is generally there for me. I am very lucky to have her as a friend.

L. is one of my female cousins. She's a sweet girl, a marketing whiz and we are quite similar in nature, therefore making me want to spend time with her. L. helps at Patches markets, has mastered enough courage to help me when I decorate figolli and is a pretty great cook herself. She will be leaving the island soon and I will be so much worse for it.

D. is my 14 year old nephew who is always very keen to help me @ the Patches market. D. does not like sweets very much, but loves my brownies & my hot chocolate sauce, which is a source of never ending pride for me! A lovely boy and as well behaved as any boy of his age can ever possible be. He’s an acquired nephew, through M., but I am very proud to call him so!

M.P. is my youngest brother. We hang out together a lot. Mostly to watch funny serieses and play video games. He gets on annoyingly well with my husband and they often get together to plan some sort of mischief.

is my brother M.P.'s friend who has been in our life for the last 10 years or so. He loves his food, especially deserts and I tend to trust his opinion about whatever I am cooking, very much, since he is usually very outright with his opinions. ◦