About me

Hi! I am Patz, just a girl who's trying to find her path in life.

Well except that I'm 32 years old, married and have worked in I.T. up till almost a year ago.

My passion in life is food. I love cooking food and eating it. I love trying new ingredients, creating new recipes from traditional ingredients and anything else connected to food. My favourite quote is probably "I'm hugry". I say it around 10-15 times a day. It's not my fault that talking about food, cooking food or serving food makes me hungry!

I am lucky to have travelled quite a bit and have also lived in Ireland for a few years.  I hope to continue travelling and discovering new cultures and consequently new styles of food.

At the moment, I am doing my first year in Chef's school and hoping to become a chef... probably a pastry chef, since I tend to love making sweets :)

Once every few months, I also take part in the Patches Market, an arts and crafts market which takes place here in Malta. This is where I unleash my cooking on the outside world!

My blog is the place where I can feel free to share my thoughts about school, my experiments in cooking and my stories. ◦