Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Patches 5th Edition: A Roundup

The Patches Market has come and gone... leaving behind memories of such a lovely day. I was actually surprised at how busy we were, since it was raining and very bleak :)

Luxury Nut brownies

Once again, the brownies were a huge hit, together with the cookies. The baked lemon cheesecake, topped with pistacchios and a homemade marmalade-honey sauce was also a great success - loved watching people drool over it :)

Biscotti, Cherries in Chocolate & Profiteroles

Yippeeee!! Couldn't have been happier! My wonderful nephew D. was as usual an enormous help, as was my better half M. Both helped man my stall while I sprinted around buying stuff on offer from the talented artists :-D.

Kwarezimal, & cookies displayed on the new cookie stand

In the very short time I had to look around, I got myself a blue cookie table from Amanda Gustaffson. It immediately went onto my stall to be filled with cookies!

Amanda with a range of stands

I also got my much anticipated new mug from Sue Mifsud and I'm completely in love with it! My hubby also stated that he likes making me tea in it... which was an unexpected bonus!

Sue - Missed her ceramic buttons in my rush :(

I always, always love Rachel Robinson's jewellery. Very stylish and original... this time we bartered a colourful bead bracelet, (a pressie for my neice who's birthday it was yesterday) and a pair of lovely blue ceramic earrings, for some cake! Loved both the bartering bit and the 2 aquisitions.

A small, colourful selection from Rachel's jewellery

Lastly, I got a tiny wooden scoop, which will be used to scatter nuts over my goodies, from Jarrard Strickland. SOOOO happy with my purchases.

I also got some nutritious sustenance by eating the yummy soup and sprouted beans from The Glorious Greens. Thankyou! :)

The Glorious Greens
Loads of thanks also go to Jimmy & Denise for organizing. 

Denise with her wonderfully creative inventions

More photos from this event can be found at Handz by Patz
Looking forward for the next edition... hope you are too!  


  1. Well done for the stand and also for this very good round-up... drooling for more brownies and baked cheese cake.

  2. Thanks Alex :) Glad you liked them both!