Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What I bought from Patches market

Just a quick one! The following pics should have been included in yesterday's post, but I was too tired (read lazy) to get up and start photographing.

Note also, that they are mediocre compared to the usual pictures in this blog, cause this time round I took them, rather then M. who is a much more dedicated photographer :)

So here they are... photos of the items mentioned in yesterday's post, starting with Amanda Gustafsson's Cookie table:

...Rachel Robinson's Jewellery (the bartered ones :-D )

...Sue Mifsud's Mug (note the beautiful texture)

...and lastly the wooden scoop from Jarrard Strickland


  1. I LOVE the mug from Sue Mifsud. Beautiful!

  2. @AngelaIt is... and knowing the lovely person who made it makes it even more beautiful :)