Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Handz by Patz @ Patches this weekend!

Paper cubes - for decorating my stall
It's been nice & hectic these past few days. I've been getting ready for the Patches market which takes place this Sunday, 13th March.

I've been printing out flyers, and labels... description sheets. I've also been making origami to decorate my stall... My friend C.S. took me out to a flea market, where we prowled for odd pieces of china... Love my new purchases... Have to scrub them well, before laying them out with the delicious sweets I'm baking next Saturday.

Authentic milk bottles found at a flea market

Oh! I'm sooo excited to be part of this market once again :-D I love watching people's reactions when they bite into one of my sweets. My favourite, last time round, was a Japanese girl who stopped to stare at the Wasabi brownies I was offering. She could not believe her eyes and was undecided as to whether she wanted to try it out or not. I was curious to see what she thought about it... so I gave her one as a gift. In the end, she bought another 3 to take to her family and friends. She also got a huge grin from me!

Some frames which will also decorate the stall

I love it when some people take the trouble to pass by my stall again, just to let me know how much they enjoyed their purchase. I also love chatting to people, even if they do not buy anything at all from my stall... A stall is a great place for people watching. It's lovely just saying, "hi! how are you" to passers by, and watch how different foreigners are to Maltese people.

Origami stars and a vintage plate & teacup - both sourced at the flea market

It's also such fun to meet other stall owners... like Rachel from Prickly Pear designs and Sue with her ceramics, both amazing artists and absolutely lovely people!

Stationary & decorations ready. Just need to do the baking now!
So I hope to see you all on Sunday... not just for you to visit my stall... but also to appreciate all the hand made products which are being made here in Malta... to meet the artists behind them. A lovely place to be!


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