Sunday, September 5, 2010

A fresh start... and lots of hard work :)

After 2 years and a few months in Dublin, we've decided it was time to go back home! We were missing the little ones too much, and they grow up sooooooo fast!!

This last month back on the rock (Malta) has been spent catching up with family and friends, planning our appartment's refurbishment and loads and loads of baking, because (apparently) my sweet treats have been missed more then I have!!!!

 I can't say I'm sorry though. I have been enjoying every minute of it, except the heat of the maltese summer. Maybe we should have came back in winter, where it would have been raining even more then in Dublin :)

I've been making loads of cookies... dark chocolate mint, smarties, white chocolate and lemon, pecans and milk chocolate.

 All have been gobbled up gladly, I must say... but none got the same rave reviews and these luscious, gooey, chocolatey brownies.

And all the different nuts that went in it make each bite an experience of it's own... oh wow!

Just another week of baking for fun, until I go back to school. Yes! I'm going back, and this time I'll be following my dream! I'm off to full time cooking school for the next two years... Wish me luck :)


  1. the brownies look divine. Full time cooking school sounds like the real thing. Good luck!!

  2. Thanks Martine :) Not too long to go if you'd like to try them ;-)

    Hope to see you @Patches